Thursday, July 27, 2006

I will leave this work up to the public or Government (who SHOULD and have EVERY OBLIGATION to ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS). I have nothing more to say as I know and believe only what I can see.

* WTC 1,2 & 7. I CANNOT see ANY of the 3 towers falling at nearly FREE FALL speed without explosives inside the buildings, set off in a timed and controlled demolition style NO MATTER IF 20 PLANES HIT THEM OR NO PLANES AT ALL. Also, EXPLAIN if you can PLEASE (because this bothers me A LOT) how any of the events of that morning can cause thousands upon thousands of CONCRETE to be PULVERIZED in DUST! - So if you can provide answers for these IMPORTANT ISSUES, do it and show me the proof. I have no proof to offer, and the 911 Commission's Report does nothing to address these concerns.

* The Pentagon. I CANNOT understand how a HUGE COMMERCIAL AIRLINER that Air Traffic Control and the US MILLITARY was looking for nearly an hour after it went OFF RADAR can:

A. Possibly execute the maneuvers as recorded by ATC (500+ MPH decent while executing a nearly complete circle).

B. Flew at VERY LOW ALTITUDES over trees and cars WITHOUT damaging anything, including itself.

C. Crashed through 3 to 4 meters of STEEL REINFORCED CONCRETE without causing any damage to the windows next to the 16 Foot in Diameter Hole.

D. Disintegrate completely on IMPACT, To Include 2 engines that were 9 feet, made of Titanium and Steel, and weigh several tons.

E. Where are the victims of Flight 77 and the others? That's a good question. Answer it. Also tell me why the coroners' reports from all 4 flights don't mention any of the alleged terrorists as being recovered at the crash sights.

F. Probably one of my most painful questions concerning the Pentagon is also the most obvious, if you are an American - Why was there no interceptors there to shoot the plane down? Didn't two hijacked planes just crash into the WTC buildings over an hour before the suspicious plane was tracked heading towards DC? I'm not 100% sure, but hasn't people always told me since I was a little kid that if a plane (even friendly) came within 20 miles of the Pentagon, Fighter Jets from the very close by Andrews Air Force base would intercept and shoot the plane down? Included in this speculative folk tale is Surface to Air missle installations around the Pentagon as a "final precaution" against attack? I dunno, but gee, I think this needs to be answered.

G. The last Pentagon question for today is one that everyone can agree on, right? The Pentagon releaced a Second version of the first video that they releaced in order to prove that it was a Commercial Jetliner. WRONG. There is no sign of a plane in that video, as well as the video before it. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence (despite the bullshit that dubunkers of Loose Change sworm around like flies on dung) that any kind of Jet Airliner hit the Pentagon. So here is my question: Why not show the public the videos from the cameras at the gas station, or the ones from the highway, or the one from the Hotel - but easiest of all, I would guess, would be from any of the HUNDREDS of cameras in and around the Pentagon? P.S. - Don't tell me that there aren't hundreds of cameras in and around the Pentagon. That IS NOT the answer.

* Building 7. Larry Silverstien said Pull it. Quit trying to debunk that PBS special where he said "Pull it," quit acting like he meant "Pull the firemen out" - he said "Pull IT" NOT "PULL THEM" or "PULL YOUR PEOPLE OUT" and why would he? All the firemen said was that they couldn't contain the fire. Who cares? They would normally prevent the fire from spreading beyond the building itself, and then keep water on it and attempt to put it out from the outside. If that eventually fails, the firemen let it burn out, then "PULL" THE BUILDING or remains of the structure. Mostly, quit ignoring the way it came down. If the so called fires and damage on the south side brought it down, why didn't it fall towards the damage? This building wasn't a 4 story apartment complex, it was a MASSIVE 47 story steel and concrete GIANT that probably makes most buildings in your hometown look like toys.

So my question to the debunker's is this: HOW CAN SILVERSTIEN & CO. PULL A BUILDING ON COMMAND? Was it wired for demolition already? Certainly Controlled Demolition Inc. didn't enter a building with fires on 2 floors and do a two to six week job in a matter of hours, DID THEY? NO. Please explain.

That's the questions that have been bothering me today. Have at them, and please help me understand why I am a complete idiot for asking them, rather than just to tell me to shut up and that I am an idiot, because this is not kindergarten, we are not children, and we, as adults, need to keep an open mind, which means to get ALL the INFORMATION before creating such garbage as SCREWLOOSECHANGE.COM.